Admissions Information

At every step along the way, we provide high-quality, responsive and co-operative treatment choices and meaningful, effective support.

And not only to our clients – where appropriate we also offer support to families and work closely with others who are committed to our client’s wellbeing.

Helping people to achieve their potential is a joint venture, with the client at the centre of everything we do.

The Journey

Our referral process is easy – we take referrals from anywhere in the UK and work with every NTA region. Referrals may come from Healthcare Professionals, Community and Social Care Agencies, Prisons/ DIP teams, Individuals and Family Members.

Just one call to our admissions team can get everything started and the team will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Prospective clients are very welcome to visit our centres, meet staff and chat with peers about what we offer and what to expect from treatment at Oasis Recovery Communities.

All clients are assessed individually to determine their specific needs and goals. We are very happy to carry out this assessment before admission but cannot reserve a place until funding is secured and confirmed.

Next Steps

The wraparound services that Oasis Communities have developed take into account the unique needs of diverse clients and offer flexible structures and support to identify and meet those needs. Each client receives their own person-centred recovery plan, which is kept under continuous review.

Options include

  • Inpatient or community detoxification for drugs and/or alcohol
  • A broad range of residential rehab programmes for drugs and alcohol
  • Day rehabilitation services at centres across the country
  • Housing assistance
  • Sober living communities
  • Social enterprise schemes
  • Family support
  • Support for training and pursuing employment
  • Volunteer opportunities

We understand that our clients need intensive support along with a high degree of independence. So we have developed a care structure that can be adapted for optimum results while remaining strictly within a guided code of conduct.

Going Further

Our clients live in real-life settings so they learn to adapt and cope with everyday situations and remain a part of the wider community. Experience has shown that this is a key part of equipping people for sustained recovery.

We are unashamedly ambitious for our clients and are dedicated not only to getting our clients clean but helping them to stay abstinent and develop their potential as valuable and productive members of society, free from the crime and anti-social behaviours that so often go hand-in-hand with addiction.

With primary and secondary care, aftercare and broader community support all available ‘under one roof’ from an established, trusted organisation known for outstanding results, everything is here at Oasis Communities to offer the best chance for long-term recovery.